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Sing It!: Pedagogy

Resources for Singers, Choral Directors, and Vocal Music Researchers

Vocal Interpretation

Bringing Opera to Life; Operatic Acting and Stage Direction / B. Goldovsky. ML 1700 .G738 B7

The Interpretation of French Song / P. Bernac. MT 892 .B4

An Interpretive Guide to Operatic Arias: A Handbook for Singers, Coaches, Teachers, and Students / M. Singher. MT 892 .S5 1983

More than Singing: the Interpretation of Songs / L. Lehmann. MT 892 .L46 M7

The Performer Prepares / R. Caldwell. MT 892 .C34 1990

The Schubert Song Cycles: with Thoughts on Performance / G. Moore. MT 892 .M6

Treatise on Vocal Performance and Ornamentation / J.A. Hiller. MT 840 .H6613 2001

Vocal Exercises

333 Elementary Exercises in Sight Singing / Z. Kodály. MT 870 .K723 1963

The Art of Singing / F. Lamperti. MT 845 .L24 A822 1930

Twenty-Four Vocalises: Op. 2, for Soprano or Mezzo-Soprano / M. Marchesi. MT 885 .M32 1884x

Popular Vocal Music--Instruction and Study

Auditioning for the Musical Theatre / F. Silver. MT 892 .S46 1985

Breathing, Speech, and Song / D. F. Proctor. QP 306 .P69

Freeing the Natural Voice / K. Linklater. PN 4162 .L55 1976

The Voice, its Production, Care and Preservation / F. E. Miller. MT 821 .M672

Classical Vocal Music: Instruction & Study

The Art of Singing / L. Tetrazzini & E. Caruso. MT 820 .T379 1975

Artistic Singing: Its Tone Production and Basic Understandings / L. F. Sunderman. MT 882 .S92 A8

Basic Ideas About Singing: the Teaching of Theodore Harrison, an American Vocal Maestro / R. Fee. MT 825 .H37 F35

Basics of Singing / J. Schmidt. MT 825 .B27 1989

Basics of Vocal Pedagogy: the Foundations and Process of Singing / C. Ware. MT 820 .W26 1998

Bel Canto for the Twentieth Century / W. Whitlock. MT 845 .W5

Callas at Juilliard: The Master Classes. Ebook

Coffin's Overtones of Bel Canto: Phonetic Basis of Artistic Singing / B. Coffin. OVERSIZE MT 883 .C6

A Commentary upon the Art of Proper Singing / B. de Bacilly. MT 820 .B125 A72

A Complete Treatise on the Art of Singing: Complete and Unabridged / M. Garcia II. MT 835 .G313 1975

The Diagnosis and Correction of Vocal Faults. Rev. and Expanded ed. / J.C. McKinney. MT 820 .M44 1982

Dynamic Singing: A New Approach to Free Voice Production / M. L. Bachner. MT 825 .B14 1947

Dynamics of the Singing Voice / M. Bunch. QP 306 .B86 1997

English, French, German and Italian Techniques of Singing: A Study in National Tonal Preferences and How They Relate to Functional Efficiency / R. Miller. MT 823 .M55

Foundations of the Singer's Art / V. A. Fields. MT 820 .F42

Functional Lessons in Singing / I. Trusler and W. Ehret. MT 883 .T7 1972

Fundamental Vocal Technique / M. Conklin. MT 820 .C75 F8

Great Singers on Great Singing / J. Hines. ML 1460 .H46 1982

How to Sing / L. Tetrazzini. MT 820 .T379 1975

How to Sing a Song: The Art of Dramatic and Lyric Interpretation / Y. Guilbert. MT 892 .G82

On the Art of Singing / R. Miller. MT 820 .M599 1996

Professional Voice: the Science and Art of Clinical Care / R. T. Sataloff. RF 510 .S28 1991

The Science of Vocal Pedagogy: Theory and Application / D. R. Appelman. MT 820 .A59

The Singer's Voice / J. Wall & R. Caldwell. DVD 0441

Singing: The Art and the Craft / W. S. Drew. MT 820 .D82 S61

Singing: The Mechanism and the Technic / W. Vennard. MT 825 .V4 1968

The Singing Voice / R.M. Brown. MT 820 .B885

The Structure of Singing: System and Art in Vocal Technique / R. Miller. MT 825 .M646 1986

Training Tenor Voices / R. Miller. MT 820 .M6 1993

Vocal Resonance: Its Source and Command / M. Barbereux-Parry. MT 825 .B25 1979

Vocal Wisdom: Maxims of Giovanni Battista Lamperti / recorded and explained by W. E. Brown. MT 845 .L256 1957