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Sing It!: Choral Music

Resources for Singers, Choral Directors, and Vocal Music Researchers

General Information

Most books on choral subjects will have the classification prefix "MT." Books about conducting and organizations will be found in range "MT36-89"; books about singing and voice culture will be found in range "MT820-893"; and books relating to choral techniques for children's choirs will be found in range "MT898-949."

Choral Web Sources

Choral Bibliographies

American Oratorios and Cantatas: A Catalog of Works Written in the United States from Colonial Times to 1985 / T.J. Dox, comp.
ML 128 .O45 D7 1986 v.1-2

Catalog of the American Music Center Library / Karen McNerney Famera, ed.
ML 120 .U5 A47 v.2

Catalogue of Choral Music Arranged in Biblical Order / J. Laster, comp.
OVERSIZE ML 128 .C54 L4 1983

A Checklist of Twentieth-Century Choral Music for Male Voices / K. Roberts.
ML 128 .V7 R6

The Choirmaster's Guide: Lists of Anthems, Solos, Services, Cantatas, Classified and Tested / H.W. Thompson
ML 128 .V7 T45

Choral Music by African American Composers: A Selected, Annotated Bibliography.
REF ML 128 .C48 W5 1996

Choral Music for Women's Voices: An Annotated Bibliography of Recommended Works / C.C. Burnsworth.
REF ML 128 .V7 B87

Choral Music in Print. 1974 / T.R. Nardone
OVERSIZE ML 128 .V7 N33 v.1-2

A Conductor's Guide to Nineteenth-Century Choral-Orchestral Works / J.D. Green.
ML 128 .C48 G73 2008

An Index to Das Chorwerk / M. Ochs
ML 128 .V7 O3

The Hymn Tune Index: A Census of English-Language Hymn Tunes in Printed Sources from 1535 to 1820 / N. Temperley.
REF ML 128 .H8 T46 1998 v.1-4

Music for the Protestant Church Choir: A Descriptive and Classified List of Worship Material / D. Steere
ML 128 .V7 S84

Original Music for Men's Voices: A Selected Bibliography / W. Tortolano
ML 128 .V7 T66 1981

Twentieth-Century Choral Music: An Annotated Bibliography of Music Suitable for use by High School Choirs.
ML 128 .C48 W53 1982

Journals Relating to Choral Music

American Choral Review (2006-present online)

American Music Teacher (2003-present online)

Choral Journal (1995-present, 2007-present online)

Contributions to Music Education (Ohio Music Education Assoc.) (1972-present)

Journal of Research in Music Education (1992-2003, 1953-present online)

Journal of Singing (1997-2003, 2002-present online)

Music Educator's Journal (1936-2003, 1934-present online)

The Voice of Chorus America (2006-present online)

Leonard Bernstein Performs Beethoven's Ode to Joy - Finale