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Government Documents: Federal Statistics




Statistical Programs of the United States Government:

Bureau of Economic Analysis (Department of Commerce)

Bureau of Justice Statistics (Department of Justice)

Bureau of Labor Statistics (Department of Labor)

Bureau of Transportation Statistics (Department of Transportation)

Census Bureau (Department of Commerce)

Economic Research Service (Department of Agriculture)

Economics & Statistics Administration (Department of Commerce)

Education Finance Statistics Center (Institute of Education Sciences)

Energy Information Administration (Department of Energy)

Internal Revenue Service: Tax Statistics

National Agricultural Statistics Service (Department of Agriculture)

National Center for Education Statistics (Institute of Education Sciences)

National Center for Health Statistics (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention)

National Center for Science & Engineering Statistics (National Science Foundation)

National Center for Veterans Analysis & Statistics (Department of Veterans Affairs)

National Criminal Justice Reference Service (Office of Justice Programs → Department of Justice)

Office of Research, Evaluation & Statistics (Social Security Administration)


Administration for Children & Families: (Department of Health & Human Services):
   ♦ Adoption & Foster Care Statistics (Children's Bureau)
   ♦ Annual Report of State Child Welfare Statistics (Children's Bureau)
   ♦ Child Care & Development Fund Statistics (Office of Child Care)
   ♦ Child Maltreatment (Children's Bureau)
   ♦ Child Welfare Outcomes (Children's Bureau)

Administration for Community Living:
   ♦ Administration on Aging: AGing Integrated Database (AGID)
   ♦ Census Data & Population Estimates
   ♦ Key Indicators of Well-Being
   ♦ Minority Aging
   ♦ Profile of Older Americans
Projected Future Growth of Older Population

Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System:
   ♦ The Beige Book
   ♦ Data Download Program
   ♦ Data Releases
   ♦ Federal Reserve Bulletin
   ♦ Financial Accounts Guide
   ♦ Foreign Exchange Rates

Bureau of Economic Analysis:
   ♦ BEA Interactive Data
   ♦ BEARFACTS: BEA Regional Fact Sheets: States, Counties & Metropolitan Areas.
   ♦ Industry Economic Accounts: Quarterly GDP by Industry; Annual Industry Accounts; Benchmark
   ♦ International Economic Accounts: Balance of Payments; Trade in Goods & Services; International
   ♦ National Economic Accounts: GDP; Personal Income & Outlays; Corporate Profits; Government
      Current Receipts...
   ♦ Regional Economic Accounts: GDP by State & Metropolitan Area; State & Local Area Personal
   ♦ Survey of Current Business
   ♦ U.S. Economy at a Glance

Bureau of Justice Statistics:
   ♦ All Data Analysis Tools
   ♦ Corrections: Total Correctional Population; Local Jail Inmates & Jail Facilities; State & Federal
      Prisoners & Prison...
   ♦ Courts: State Court Organization; State Court Caseload Statistics; Prosecutors Offices; Indigent
      Defense Systems...
   ♦ Crime Type: Violent; Property; Drugs & Crime; Gangs; Hate Crime; Cybercrime; Identity Theft;
      Weapon Use...
   ♦ Criminal Justice Data Improvement Program
   ♦ Employment & Expenditure
   ♦ Federal: Law Enforcement; Prosecution; Courts; Corrections.
   ♦ Indian Country Justice Statistics
   ♦ Law Enforcement: Local Police; Sheriffs' Offices; Federal Law Enforcement; Tribal Law
      Enforcement; Campus Law...
   ♦ Victims: Victim Characteristics; Crime Characteristics & Trends; Victims & Offenders; The Crime

Bureau of Labor Statistics:
   ♦ Demographic Data: Demographic Characteristics of the Labor Force; Geographic Profile of
      Employment & Unemployment; Consumer Spending; Injuries & Illnesses; Longitudinal Studies;
      Time Use.
   ♦ Economy at a Glance
   ♦ Employment Statistics: National Employment; State & Local Employment; State & County
      Employment; Green Goods
      & Services; Employment & Worker Characteristics; Employment Projections; Job Openings &
      Labor Turnover Survey; Employment by Occupation; Longitudinal Studies; Business Employment
   ♦ Import/Export price Indexes
   ♦ Industries at a Glance
   ♦ Inflation & Prices Statistics: Consumer Price Index; Producer Price Indexes; Import & Export
      Prices; Employment Cost Trends...
   ♦ Injuries, Illnesses & Fatalities
   ♦ International Data: Import & Export Prices; International Technical Cooperation; International
      Labor Comparisons.
   ♦ Monthly Labor Review
   ♦ Occupational Outlook Handbook
   ♦ Career Outlook (formerly Occupational Outlook Quarterly)
   ♦ Pay & Benefits Statistics: Employment Cost Trends; National Compensation Data; Wages by Area &
      Occupation; Earnings by Demographics; Earnings by Industry; Quarterly Census of Employment &
      Wages; Employee Benefits; Strikes & Lockouts (Work Stoppages); BLS Data on Minimum Wage
   ♦ Productivity Statistics: Labor Productivity; Multifactor Productivity...
   ♦ Spending & Time Use Statistics: Consumer Expenditure Survey; American Time Use Survey; BLS
   ♦ Unemployment Statistics: National Unemployment Rate; State & Local Unemployment Rates; Mass
      Layoff Statistics
   ♦ Women's Bureau Data & Statistics

Bureau of Land Management:
   ♦ Coal Lease Statistics
   ♦ Oil & Gas Statistics
   ♦ Public Land Statistics

Bureau of Transportation Statistics:
   ♦ Airlines & Airports
   ♦ Freight Data & Statistics
   ♦ Highway Data & Statistics
   ♦ Intermodal Transportation Database
   ♦ Maritime Data & Statistics
   ♦ Multimodal Sources Data & Statistics
   ♦ National Transportation Statistics
   ♦ Passenger Travel
   ♦ Pipeline & Hazardous Materials Data & Statistics
   ♦ Pocket Guide to Transportation
   ♦ Rail Data & Statistics
   ♦ State Transportation Statistics
   ♦ Transit Data & Statistics
   ♦ Transportation Statistics Annual Report
   ♦ United States Transportation Facts & Figures

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention:
   ♦ CDC Data & Statistics
   ♦ CDC Wonder

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services:
   ♦ CMS Chart Series
   ♦ CMS Data Compendium
   ♦ CMS DataNavigator
   ♦ CMS Research, Statistics, Data & Systems
   ♦ CMS Statistics Reference Booklet
   ♦ Medicare & Medicaid Statistical Supplement

Central Intelligence Agency:
   ♦ The World Factbook

Congressional Budget Office:
   ♦ Major Recurring Reports: Budget & Economic Outlook & Updates; Analysis of the President's Budget; Long-Term
      Budget Outlook; Economic Forecasting Record; Monthly Budget Review...

Defense Manpower Data Center:
   ♦ Civilian Personnel Statistics
   ♦ Defense Casualty Analysis System
   ♦ Military Personnel Statistics

Department of Defense:
   ♦  Active Duty Military Strength & Other Personnel Statistics

Department of Homeland Security:
   ♦ Immigration Statistics
   ♦ Yearbook of Immigration Statistics

Department of State:
   ♦ U.S. Bilateral Relations Fact Sheets (Country Background Notes)
   ♦ World Military Expenditures & Arms Transfers

Economic Research Service:
   ♦ County-Level Data Sets
   ♦ Farm Household Income & Characteristics
   ♦ Farm Income & Wealth Statistics
   ♦ Rural America at a Glance
   ♦ State Fact Sheets.

Energy Information Administration:
   ♦ Annual Energy Review

Environmental Protection Agency:
   ♦ Envirofacts
   ♦ Greenhouse Gas Emissions Data

FDsys: Government Printing Office:
   ♦ Budget of the United States Government
   ♦ Economic Indicators
   ♦ Economic Report of the President

Federal Aviation Administration:
   ♦ Accident & Incident Data
   ♦ Aviation Data & Statistics
   ♦ Commercial Space Data
   ♦ Passsengers & Cargo
   ♦ Safety

Federal Bureau of Investigation:
   ♦ Crime Statistics
   ♦ Uniform Crime Reports

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation:
   ♦ Bank Data & Statistics
   ♦ Historical Statistics on Banking
   ♦ RECON: Regional Economic Conditions
   ♦ Statistics at a Glance
   ♦ Statistics on Banking

Federal Interagency Forum on Child & Family Statistics:
   ♦ Data Sources by Topic

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis:
   ♦ FRED: Federal Reserve Economic Data
   ♦ Housing Market Conditions Report
   ♦ International Economic Trends
   ♦ Monetary Trends
   ♦ National Economic Trends
   ♦ U.S. Financial Data

International Trade Administration:
   ♦ Metropolitan Area Exports
   ♦ State Export Data
   ♦ Trade Statistics
   ♦ TradeStates Express

International Trade Commission:
   ♦ Graphs of Current Overall Trends
   ♦ Interactive Tariff & Trade DataWeb
   ♦ Shifts in U.S. Merchandise Trade
   ♦ U.S. Trade Balance by Partner Country
   ♦ U.S. Trade by Geographic Regions

Library of Congress:
   ♦ Country Studies

Mine Safety & Health Administration:
   ♦ Fatality Statistics
   ♦ Mine Safety & Health at a Glance
   ♦ Mine Safety & Health Statistics
   ♦ Mining Industry Accident, Injuries, Employment & Production Statistics & Reports
   ♦ Most Frequently Cited Standards by Mine Type

National Agricultural Statistics Service:
   ♦ Agricultural Statistics Annual
   ♦ Demographics
   ♦ Economics & Prices
   ♦ Statistics by State

National Center for Education Statistics:
   ♦ The Condition of Education
   ♦ Digest of Education Statistics
   ♦ ED Data Inventory
   ♦ High School Dropout & Completion Rates
   ♦ Indicators of School Crime & Safety
   ♦ Projections of Education Statistics
   ♦ State Comparisons
   ♦ State Education Data Profiles
   ♦ Tables & Figures Search

National Center for Health Statistics:
   ♦ Data Visualization Gallery
   ♦ FastStats - Statistics by Topic
   ♦ Health E-Stats
   ♦ Health United States: Annual report on trends in health statistics.
   ♦ Healthy People
   ♦ Injury Data & Resources
   ♦ Life Tables
   ♦ National Death Index
   ♦ National Health & Nutrition Examination Survey
   ♦ National Health Care Surveys
   ♦ National Health Interview Survey
   ♦ National Health Statistics Reports
   ♦ National Immunization Surveys
   ♦ National Survey of Family Growth
   ♦ National Vital Statistics Reports
   ♦ National Vital Statistics System
   ♦ Public Use Datafiles & Documentation
   ♦ State & Local Area Integrated Telephone Survey
   ♦ Vital & Health Statistics Series
   ♦ Vital Statistics Data Available Online
   ♦ Vital Statistics of the United States

National Climatic Data Center:
   ♦ Climate Data Online
   ♦ Quick Links to Climate & Weather Data

National Intelligence Council:
   ♦ Global Trends Report

National Science Foundation:
   ♦ National Center for Science & Engineering Statistics
   ♦ Science & Engineering Indicators
   ♦ Science & Engineering State Profiles

Office of Highway Policy Information:
   ♦ Highway Statistics Series
   ♦ Monthly Motor Fuel Reported by States
   ♦ Traffic Volume Trends

National Criminal Justice Reference Service:
   ♦ A-Z Topics

Office of the Clerk of the U.S. House of Representatives:
   ♦ Federal Election Statistics

Small Business Administration:
   ♦ Business Data & Statistics
   ♦ Firm Size Data
   ♦ Small Business Data Resources*
   ♦ The Small Business Economy
   ♦ State Economic Profiles

Social Security Administration:
   ♦ Research, Statistics & Policy Analysis

Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration:
   ♦ Mental Health Statistics

White House Council of Economic Advisers:
   ♦ Economic Indicators (FDsys)

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