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Government Documents: Ohio Documents


Maag Library is a depository for Ohio state government publications, and therefore receives a variety of publications from state agencies. Ohio documents are arranged using a classification system beginning with O. For example, OH is the designation for the Ohio Department of Health; OHS is the Ohio Department of Highway Safety; ONR is the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.
Print Ohio documents are shelved at the beginning of the Government Documents collection on the Sixth Floor of the library.

A good place to begin is by searching the library's online catalog--MaagNET. Search by keyword, title, author, subject or government document number. Many, but not all, Ohio documents can be found by searching the catalog. Titles available online have a direct link in the online catalog. You may also search for Ohio documents in the OhioLINK Library Catalog.

State Library of Ohio: Government Publications

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State of Ohio Depository Library Instructions (December 2004, Revised October 2005, Revised June 2009)

Ohio Documents Classification Scheme (1975)

Ohio Documents Classification Scheme Index of Agencies & Commissions (Updated 2008)


Absentee Ballot Request Form* (English)
Absentee Ballot Request Form* (Spanish)

Application by Relative for Uniformed Services or Overseas Absent Voter's Ballot*

Application for Absent Voter's Ballot by a Voter with a Disability & Request to Use Remote Ballot Marking System*

Application for Absent Voter's Ballot by Voter Requiring Assistance* (Confined, Personal Illness, Physical Disability, Infirmity)

Be a Precinct Election Official in Ohio: OS 1.2:P923

Constitution of the State of Ohio*: OS 1.4/5:2010

Guide to Local Liquor Options Elections*: OS 1.2:L811

Guide to Voting in Ohio*: OS 1.2:V972

Laws of Ohio

Ohio Campaign Contribution Limits*

Ohio Campaign Finance Handbook: OS 1.9:C186

Ohio Campaign Finance Forms

Ohio Campaign Finance Reporting Calendar

Ohio Candidate Requirement Guide*: OS 1.2:G946

Ohio District Maps

Ohio Elections Calendar: OS 1.16/5:

Ohio Election Statistics: OS 1.16/8:

Ohio Official Roster of Federal, State & County Officers: OS 1.16/2:

Ohio Presidential Guide

Ohio's Online Voter Registration System

Profile Ohio: OS 1.2:P964

Registering Your Trademark or Service Mark in Ohio*: OS 1.2:R337

Register to Vote or Update Your Voter Registration Information

Safe at Home Brochure*

Secured Transaction Filings in Ohio*: OS 1.2:Se4464

Shielding Our Protectors*

Starting a Business in Ohio Checklist*

Starting a Corporation in Ohio*: OS 1.2:C8224

Starting a Limited Liability Company in Ohio*: OS 1.2:L734

Starting a Nonprofit in Ohio*: OS 1.2:N814

Starting a Partnership in Ohio*: OS 1.2:P273

Starting a Sole Proprietorship in Ohio*: OS 1.2:So685

State Flag of Ohio*: OS 1.2:F5742

Vote in Honor of a Veteran*: OS 1.2:V586

Voter Registration & Information Update Form* (English)
Voter Registration & Information Update Form* (Spanish)

Voter Registration Instructions* (English)
Voter Registration Instructions* (Bilingual)

Voting in Ohio: Easy as 1-2-3*

*PDF documents require Acrobat Adobe Reader